Helping Militaryveterans and their families to help themselves

bullet imagebullet imageReturning to civilian life can be chaotic, not only for the Military Veteran, but also their families.  Each person in the family system can feel alone, misunderstood, frustrated, and confused. Individual, family, and group therapy can support peaceful re-connection.


Based in Detroit, we have a passion for helping MilitaryVeterans and their families improve their quality of relationships and life in general. Attending to strengths and needs, we co-create a new life that is rich with purpose, stability, and hope. Collaborating with No Veteran Left Behind, a Detroit-based non-profit organization, we provide mental health services as an access entry point before referring to their vocational training, housing assistance, or many other programs.

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There’s a lot of buzz about the mental health needs of Military Veterans. Suicide, homelessness, post-traumatic stress, substance use/abuse, and depression have staggeringly high statistics within the MilitaryVeteran population. Veterans, spouses of veterans, and children of veterans can benefit from our integrative psychological services that are based on best treatment practices.

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We have family and friends that served in the military. We understand first-hand the incredible challenges of Veteran reintegration into civilian life. We have witnessed the positive transformation that can occur when attention is given to all aspects of a Veteran's life.

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